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  • Skyfall

    Beef patty topped with melted cheese, bacon (2), poached eggs (2), topped w/ hollandaise sauce & toasted Turkish bread on the side

    $16 / 22.9

  • Bethania

    Toasted Bagel, Chicken schnitzel, cheese, bacon, grilled onion and Bbq sauce.


  • Cleveland

    Toasted bagel Grilled chicken, scrambled egg, avocado, Cheese, Hollandaise sauce.


  • Reuben

    Toasted croissant, Melted cheese Shredded Beef, Poached eggs topped w/ hollandaise sauce


  • Delta

    Toasted croissant, melted cheese, shoestring fries, shredded Beef, poached eggs topped w/ hollandaise sauce.


  • Bom's Super Bennie

    Toasted bagel, bacon (2), homemade guacamole, cream cheese, scrambled egg


  • Wanny Bagel

    Toasted bagel, smoked salmon, tomato salsa, house guacamole & cream cheese


  • CowBoy

    200gm chicken schnitzel topped w/ BBQ sauce, bacon (2), poached eggs w/ hollandaise sauce on top


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