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All-Time Favourite

  • California

    Rashers of bacon, (1) hash brown, (1) grilled tomato, (1) fried egg, grilled mushrooms served w/ multigrain toast


  • Vegas

    Scrambled eggs mixed with bacon & cheese served w/ hash browns & multigrain toast


  • Washington

    Scrambled eggs mixed with chorizo & cheese served w/ hash browns & multigrain toast


  • Mauritius

    Poped , crite youst poatot roached egg served w/ multigrain toast


  • Jupiter (Breaky burger)

    Halloumi cheese, bacon, hash brown, scrambled egg, double melting cheese on a milk bun


  • Los Angeles

    Toasted Turkish bread, melted cheese, tomato sauce, bacon, onion rings, poached egg & hollandaise sauce


  • Lauren

    Grilled halloumi (2) served on homemade guacamole, toasted Turkish bread, onion rings & topped w/ a poached egg & hollandaise sauce


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